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About The Dandy Gent…

Harking back to the days when every gentleman worth his salt, would take the time to look his sophisticated best each day, The Dandy Gent barbershop on Nuns Street, Derby was opened to much laudation in 2013.

As its popularity soared, visionary and founder, Shane O’Shaughnessy developed and went to market with a small range of his own-made male grooming/shaving products. These products were so well received that Shane quickly expanded the collection and introduced some wonderful new products, including Beard Oils, Macassar Oil and peppermint and tea-tree beard shampoo.

Apothecary, Sherri O’Shaughnessy (good lady to Shane) is at the helm of The Dandy Gent grooming products, managing production and quality control of the complete range. Based at The Dandy Gent’s Derby manufactory, she ensures these authentic products consistently provide the perfect shave, cleansing and styling properties possible.

The original fragrances have been developed over recent years, with The Dandy Gent currently boasting five unique blends that are often described as, quite simply, divine!

These fragrances include the popular classic Bay Rum and The Dandy Gent’s signature blend Classic 47 – both of these two fragrances are available in two sizes of beard oil and a traditional aftershave marketed as The Dandy Gent Splash.

Looking forward, Shane is planning on expanding the grooming range, with some new and unique products, and will be branching into, what he’s calling ‘the perfect pomade’.

Nothing much stands still at The Dandy Gent, with its second ‘flagship’ shop having just opened in the centre of Derby and giving a much greater platform for its products, it is only a matter of time before the distinctive Dandy Gent logo will become a recognised mark of quality when it comes to men’s grooming.

News of The Dandy Gent’s range of grooming products and two traditional barber shops, can be found here on this blog site and on its Facebook pages and Instagram feed.

The Dandy Gent on Facebook:

The Dandy Gent Grooming Products

The Dandy Gent Irongate

The Dandy Gent Nuns Street

View The Dandy Gent’s full range of products here.



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