The Dandy Gent Launches New Batch of New Products.

The Dandy Gent Expands Traditional Male Grooming Range

The Dandy Gent barbershop in Derby is fast becoming legendary amongst those gents with a discerning disposition towards the deadliest of ‘do’s’, now its growing range of grooming products is catching on fast too.

Earlier this year, the demand for products, such as Beard Oil, Shaving Cream and Shave Oil prompted the acquisition of a small manufactory, also in Derby, to enable increased production levels and product lines.

New products, such as Victorian Macassar Oil – a hair and beard treatment to add lustre and shine, and Gentleman’s Splash – an aftershave and beard fragrance – have proved extremely popular too.

A practicing barber from the age of just 10 years old, Shane O’Shaughnessy, Master Barber, Apothecary and founder and owner of The Dandy Gent, is thrilled at the expansion of his product line.

“Some of my clients travel for miles for a decent haircut or traditional English shave.” said Shane. “I’ve always enjoyed sending people off with a class ‘old skool’ look, and it gives me a greater buzz to provide them with authentic grooming products to help them looking sharp for longer, too.” He smiles. has been stocking all the traditional favourites, including; beard oil, shaving cream, shaving soap, moustache wax, shampoo and exfoliator in a limited range of fragrances until now.

Shane presents Rich Nield with his exclusive prize.

Derby’s Rich Nield, (pictured left), with his exclusive Classic 47 gift set prize.

Following a competition for customers to ‘Create a New Fragrance’ a range of FIVE new fragrances have been added to the Dandy Gent portfolio, including; Classic 47 (a sensual spice blend), Lime and Patchouli, Rose and Tobacco, Sandalwood and the old skool classic – Bay Rum.

The Dandy Gent products are currently exclusively available in the Derby shop or online at, and will soon be available at selected barbershops and specialist and boutique shops across the UK.

For more information, please contact The Dandy Gent via its website, Facebook page, or email:


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