Austin advances at Irongate

Long-term visitors to The Dandy Gent will be familiar with the youngest barber on its books, Austin Roots, who is about to shed his ‘Junior’ status, and advance to fully-fledged ‘Barber’.

21-year-old Austin is in his third year with the team and based at the thriving city centre, ‘flagship’, shop on Irongate in Derby’s fashionable Cathedral Quarter. He started as an Apprentice in 2015, progressed to Junior Barber mid-2016, and is now a popular and quality barber with an ever-increasing client following of his own.

From now, Austin’s rates will be raised in line with his new shop status, to The Dandy Gent, Irongate’s ‘Barber’ rates, part of its pricing structure comprising; Apprentice, Junior, Barber, Senior and Master Barber.

Master Barber, owner and founder of The Dandy Gent, Shane O’Shaughnessy said, “It’s a joy to see Austin growing into the fine barber that he is. He’s grown up within the team and is a very popular member with both our barbers and our customers.”

Pictured above (centre) modelling The Dandy Gent range of T-shirts in 2017, with Lauren and Mike.