Dandy duo rise through the ranks

Two of The Dandy Gent’s most popular barbers, Shaun Hoolan and Lauren Pell, have just reached another landmark on their journey to Master Barber status – both promoted to Senior Barber starting from 1st April.

Derby-based, The Dandy Gent has been established for over 5 years now, with Master Barber and founder Shane O’Shaughnessy at the helm.

Shane, who was first introduced to haircutting by his granddad at the age of just 10 years-old, has supported and mentored both Lauren and his long-time friend and fellow-musician, Shaun throughout their training.

“It’s great to see these two rising through the ranks and, of course, continuing to bring in more and more new and loyal clients of their own.” Said Shane. “They are both great barbers with a great following, and I am proud to have them both within The Dandy Gent team.

The promotion of Shaun and Lauren will mean an small price increase to their clients, which I regret in the current economic climate,” Continued Shane. “but I am 100% committed making sure the team reap the rewards of their hard work as they continue to develop and strive to be the very best in the business.”

Shane’s first barbershop, on Nuns Street, was established back in 2013 following the successful launch of his traditional grooming products range the year before. In 2017 Shane opened his second, and flagship, shop where both he and Lauren are now based alongside locally renowned Senior Barbers; Mike Bowler and Ash Griffiths.

Shaun is based at the Nuns Street branch of The Dandy Gent, where he currently manages a team of two barbers, and is currently seeking a third.  Any experienced barbers wishing to join the team at Nuns Street are invited to contact Shaun on: 01332 381327.


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